Why Mandarin?


Discover the rich benefits of learning this extraordinary language.

China's booming economy, it's increasing political status in the world, and the need for good US-China relations in the future, besides the sheer amount of Mandarin speakers around the world, are all touted as reasons for the need for more Mandarin in US schools. But . . .


Did you know that learning Mandarin, with its tonal distinctions and pictorial writing system, can help children with a wide range of cognitive, motor, and graphic skills? Studies also indicate a link between learning Mandarin and excellent math skills. And since Mandarin trains both the left and right brains, it cultivates your child's problem-solving skills, enriches both their logical and creative thinking, and thus prepares them for better learning of any subject matter. 

The earlier your child starts learning Mandarin, the better.


What's more, China is the site of one of the world's oldest civilizations and is the oldest civilization that did not have a direct influence on Western culture. This makes learning Chinese a deeply rich way to broaden your child's horizons and enrich their education by exposing them to the vast world around them.


More on the benefits of Mandarin:

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To keep up with the progress of Mandarin immersion around the country and for valuable resources, visit the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council